I’m Ryan Villamor.

I am a jazz pianist, composer and a Certified Therapeutic Harp Practitioner from the International Harp Therapy Program.

I provide therapeutic harp music for the sick and the dying to help reduce pain, anxiety, fear, depression, to increase relaxation and better sleep. I am trained to observe the patient’s physiological condition and administer the right musical elements to aid healing.

Therapeutic Music is an art based on the science of sound. It is live music specifically tailored to the patient’s immediate need, which brings music’s intrinsic healing value to the bedside of the ailing.

I am also a music entertainment provider for special events such as weddings, parties and corporate events. Offering diverse options that would perfectly suit your event, Ryan Villamor Music provides solo harp performances, string ensembles and jazz bands.

“When words fail, music speaks.”

Hans Christian Andersen

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